About us

Marcel Blok is the sole owner of Change Stranamics. The main activity of the company is to act as advisor to players in the global pet industry. This advice will primarily be strategic in nature and aims to help companies and its owners to find and stay on the road to a sustainable future.

Change Stranamics saw the light in early 1995 with the aim to set up an advisory service for the pet industry. A deliberate choice. Because that’s where Marcel’s experiences since 1982 were. And thus inherently his potential contributions to his clients’ businesses. Change Stranamics and Marcel Blok are synonymous. Not only is Marcel the sole owner of the company, he’s its sole employee. Because he strongly believes that business-relationships in the field of advice are between people; much more than between companies.

Our mission
Our mission is to help improve the professionalism, performance and sustainability of internationally oriented companies in the pet industry.

Our experience
Marcel Blok has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. In senior marketing positions, as the founder and first president of Iams Europe; and as consultant to both U.S. and European blue chips in the industry as well as family-owned companies. Would you like to see more?

Already in the previous millennium, Marcel took the initiative to co-operate with like minded people from the industry to establish some extra services that benefit players in the pet industry. These services are BREAKTHROUGH, I2M, Open Minds and Matchmaker.

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